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Club Membership at Jade Farm Archery

  • 50$
    Necessary if you wish to shoot more than 3 times a year
    Valid for one year

This Club, as a non-profit organization is all about supporting the members. We are a collective of talented people who share the common goal of improving livelihoods through Art, Nature, Discipline, Learning and Community.

The goal is to build our club enough over this year to join as an affiliate club with Archery Canada. The reason  to join the network is to be able to host top class archers at our club, so that we all might learn from their expertise and experience.

Member session fees


$10 course fee per session 

The Club be open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday through 2023. There will be some changes during the year so please use the reservation calendar for ease.

The Club aims to host workshops from Archery masters, bow makers, and bow hunting experts etc.  There are a few good contacts we have already and it is the club members ultimately deciding who we invite. If you have some wishes to learn more about a specific facet of archery, art and the relatable sustainable living practices, please make your voice heard.

Free annual membership awards to those of you who would like volunteer for a leadership position at the club. There are a few departments to running a successful no profit organization, and we need some help. If you have some community development ideas please feel free to share them, we are open to all ideas supporting these local island arts and learning.

We would love your attendance and input at club meetings and the Annual General Meeting will be late September following the festival.

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