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Festival Activities

Join in on all the action for Sept 16th 2023!

This annual Archery Festival is a gathering of good people and is always a ton of fun. There is so much going on during this action packed weekend. All skill levels welcome. Join a Beginner Class, talk to experts, or enter the Tournament play, Archery Tag and Bow making workshops etc.


Archery Lessons 

SAT or SUN 10 - 11:30 am


These Intro to Archery classes are perfect for both those who have had no experience in archery and experienced archers who wish to learn a more diverse and in-depth path.  

The Coaches are part of the Lykopis Archery team. With tons of international competitions and experience under their belts as well as being certified sports coaches, these women will provide our beginners with an unparalleled introduction to the wonderful world of archery during this weekend's Festival.

Please arrive at 9:30ish to ensure we are all payed up, stretch, relaxed, orientated, equipment in hand and ready to go for 10am

Learn the fundamentals and don't start with any bad habits.

Classes will be in groups of 6 or less per Coach.

Archery Tag


Sessions approx. 2 - 4 pm

$20 per session

All ages

Anyone can do this and the games can get very active. All ages and all skill levels.

It's like being a kid again! Fun easy bows and soft "nerf" like arrows allow 2 teams to battle it out on our specially prepared field. Hide behind bunkers and try to snipe your opponents and capture their camp.

All gear and safety mask provided. It's a riot!


Field and Course Play

$50 for weekend pass

or $30 per day

Some experience required


You can play and enjoy the field archery course most of Saturday and Sunday. If you decide to, you can also submit your scorecard into The Vulture's Shadow Tournament for a chance at some of the amazing prizes, like jade arrowhead pendants, annual club membership fee, some archery gear, a "bushcraft" knife and all sorts of other goodies!


This Traditional Field Archery course traverses a beautiful hillside meadow surrounded by forest.

Epic shots all the way around, up hill, down hill, cross slope with some targets more deceptive than others.


You'll encounter monsters, zombies and flying vultures from 10m - 70m that will challenge your skill with the bow and arrows!

Standing Beginner targets at 10m - 20m will also be available after 12pm for those who wish to shoot without walking/hiking.



Vulture's Shadow Tournament! Points will be scored on a descending system 5,4,3,2,or 0 a miss. Each Archer will have three arrows to try and score the most points per target. The Archery Tournament will take place on Saturday from 1pm - dusk with final rounds Sunday 10 - 3pm. Number of allowed rounds will depend on the turn out and time frame. If you want to get practicing for this years event just sign up for your club membership.

Bows/arrows are available for rent $10+ for course play.

Of course there will be prizes, prizes, prizes!

 Sunday late afternoon is the award ceremony.

2022 Archery Festival Conclusion


Wow! A resounding success. What a fabulous weekend of Archery Festivities and wonderful people. The Jade Farm Archery Club would firstly thank its members and volunteers who did such an amazing job to prepare the facility for the Festival and ensure its smooth running. Lykopis Archery from Vancouver also deserves a really big hand for bringing a very talented crew of archers and instructors to run the Classes and Archery Tag. We look forward to working with these great folks into the future. Stop and visit them in Vancouver area for Horseback Archery.


The amount of fun I saw people having was glorious so thank you to everyone who attended, athletes and spectators alike. Well done all!


There are some Prizes to be awarded for all the events so let's get straight to that.


Archery Class: All the Cubs (under 15 years old) will be able to shoot on the range for free until November 15th (Calendar to follow)


Archer Tag Hero award and prize of a beautiful bushcraft knife, courtesy of Lykopis, goes to Lewis Hawkes, or as he is now known as, "Lewonidas".    



Vulture's Shadow Field Archery Tournament was very close on this challenging course. 


First place goes to Philip Mullany with a score of 92 points. Free annual membership 2023 and a jade arrowhead pendant.


Second place goes to Matjaz Vovk with a score of 91 points. Free annual membership 2023 and 6 wood arrows from Lykopis.


Third place goes to Chris Gix with a score of 87 points. Free annual membership 2023.



Best Cub Archer goes to Milo. Free annual membership 2023 and a jade arrowhead pendant.


Most Archery Love prize goes to Nora Bouz who wins a beautiful wooden archery necklace courtesy of Lykopis.


Congratulations to all

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