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Archery for everybody!

Beginner Archery Classes.  Field Archery Range. Instinctive Archery. Traditional Archery. Archery Club. Bowhunting. Archery Tournaments. BC Archery Club. Robin hood.

This "Roving" style Archery course is the best way to improve your all round skills. This is due to the wide variety of shots and stances possible. Whether you are shooting between trees, uphill downhill, cross slope, up close or from 80 meters away there is endless experience, excitement and learning to encounter. We pride ourselves that the course is always in good condition, and constantly being improved. 


 Come on down, hang out, eat good food, meet great people and fling arrows at 16 realistic 3D foam animal targets along the roving hillside and forest course.  Reserve your spot now.

 Workshops and Programming

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Bow Making


Bow Hunting

Jade Farm Archery Club is dedicated to nurturing the art of Traditional Archery. We are a registered non profit society providing tip-top Field Archery services for all our members and guests. Come join the Club, there is so much to learn from each other and fun to be had in all seasons!

If you plan to shoot on this delightful archery range and course more than 3 sessions you are required to become a Club Member.  This is Archery Canada requirements.

All ages and skills levels welcome to this beautiful learning facility. If you have never shot a bow, no problem, come and learn how, it's fun and easy to get started. Equipment is supplied for the classes free. Bow and Arrows are also available for rent if you have some experience and would just like to practice on the range under your own guidance.

If you would like us to host a special group event for kids or Adults, just send us an email outlining your wishes. We offer dynamic workshops and programming centered around Archery, bushcraft and outdoor survival.

Come prepared:  Hat, layered clothing, sunscreen, gum boots, wasp sting antidote etc

Good footwear and athletic style/relaxed fit clothing are highly recommended. There is some steep sections, wet sections and bushwhacking for a few wayward arrows ; ).  Much of course depends on the weather and season, so check the forecast if possible.

Archery Club Archery Festival on the Archery range
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