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Archery Festival
field archery
bow making
archery class
Youth Archery camp
Target practice
Archery at Night
Archery Party!
Field Archery
Archery Target practice
archery festival

Archery for everybody!

Beginner Archery Classes.  Field Archery Range. Instinctive Archery. Traditional Archery. Archery Club. Bowhunting. Archery Tournaments. BC Archery Club. Robin hood.

This is a beautiful outdoor facility where you can learn and  perfect your archery skills. Shooting a bow is a Sport, a source of food, an Art form and Spiritual discipline, but overall it is a Joy and great Feeling.

You can come as a visitor and as a group to see if you enjoy flinging arrows. You might even want to join in and become a member, with 40+ other fun folks.

Come prepared:  Hay fever, water, hat, layered clothing, sunscreen, gum boots, wasp sting antidote etc.

Good footwear and athletic style/relaxed fit clothing are highly recommended. There can be  some steep sections, wet sections and bushwhacking for a few wayward arrows ; )

Much of the experience depends on the weather and season, so check the forecast if possible and plan accordingly.

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Upcoming Local Archery Events


Hell Hole 3D Tournament




Summer Classic 3D




Game of Arrows



BC 3D Archery Championships


We need to raise about $1000 in total, to get our young friend and club member to the tournament.


This year the BC Archery Championships are in Quesnel. The Jade Farm Archery Club is sponsoring Milo an initial $300 to help with the transportation and logistics cost. We are looking to our membership and friends to help with the rest of the support.

We have full confidence that he can make the podium given the chance to participate. This experience will supercharge Milos’s trajectory towards his goals and life passions. 

Please invest in this chance for a gold medal, whether now or in a few years at the Olympics.

 More Combat Archery coming soon!

Get your game on


A very exhilarating game where two teams are pitted against each other in a series of archery battle games. Soft tipped arrows and face masks make it a safe and fun event. Strategy, skill and teamwork are the key. Capture the other team's flag if you can...

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